Treedimensions Landuse Consulting

Property Use - Commercial or Lifestyle Blocks

Commercial Units

For anyone deriving an income off of the land there are definite benefits in making good use of the ecological attributes of the site. We can effectively and efficiently assess the cropping potential of the land and provide sound suggestions for site-appropriate diversification.

If required we will create a sensible layout and design to realise the ecological and financial potential of your land. By avoiding unnecessary mistakes and expenditure we can optimise long-term returns for the landowner. This may very well entail the suggestion of appropriate scale, feasible time-lines, suitable plant-material, best available equipment etc.

We can advise you on conversion to organics or sustainable biological management and spell out the requirements for attaining Biogro or Demeter certification. Smart people will find enduring solutions to persistent problems rather than patching up symptoms year after year with expensive and questionable remedies.

Need Help With Your Lifestyle Block?

Lifstyle blocks planning
Landuse utilisation, planning your lifstyle block

Lifestyle Blocks

Many of our clients intend to develop the smaller rural properties they occupy for quality of life and lifestyle as well as deriving tangible benefits, if not an income, from utilising some of the available land.

We will assess the owners' or occupants' criteria for landuse in terms of desired products and functions and also the capability of the land to fulfil these aspirations.

We will endeavour to find the right balance between leisure and required work for the development and upkeep of the place. This will vary according to personal commitment, involvement, available time and ability.

Such land provides the living space and habitat for the owners and it is therefore especially important to create a productive, aesthetic and healthy environment.

In most cases we are asked to plan for organic management and the incorporation of permaculture design features. Whatever we will deliver, it has to be tailor-made for our clients and their land.

Treedimensions Landuse Consultancy Offers Advice On:

  • Commercial property units
  • Cropping potential
  • Layout and design
  • Ecological and financial potential
  • Appropriate scale
  • Conversion to organics
  • Sustainable biological management
  • Lifestyle blocks
  • Capability of the land
  • Balance between leisure and required work on the land